Local Gems – Yellow Rose Boutique

Born and raised in the Panhandle of Texas (despite a few years spent in Pennsylvania that I vaguely remember), I am a lover of local finds. I love my hometown! I never thought I would find myself saying it, but here I am. After moving away, even if it’s only an hour and 40 minutes away, you might come to appreciate that mom & pop shop where you buy those amazing aromatic car fresheners. Or, you’ll realize that nothing really compares to an Iced Poor Man Coffee from that coffee shop that could easily put Starbucks out of business. And a Chipotle burrito ain’t sh*t when you’ve had a Sharky’s burrito, is it?

I’ve recently come upon another amazing local find that I thought worthy of sharing with my fellow Panhandlers. The Yellow Rose Boutique is a startup company founded by miss Molly Ghormley. Not only is she the sweetest person ever (another hometown perk – the people are so NICE) but her products are phenomenal. And she makes them all at home! We live in a day and age where people want to actually know what is going into their products, and Yellow Rose Boutique delivers that sanctity of mind.

The Yellow Rose Boutique offers bath bombs, body scrubs, and customized jewelry pieces or you can choose from her pre-made jewelry. The owner, Molly, graciously gifted me with 4 bath bombs, a body scrub, and a custom necklace! She was the absolute sweetest person to work with and I am beyond impressed with the quality of her products! You would think they were from Lush. DSC08328

Everything came packaged adorably with bright & fun tissue paper complementing the colors of the products. The bath bombs were shrink-wrapped to preserve them. This was especially nice because every time I purchase bath bombs from other places, if they’re not wrapped they chip and crumble everywhere and it becomes such a mess. I loved how clean and easy these were! The body scrub was in a generic container with a nice tight lid. Molly left a kind note displaying the ingredients in all of the products.



Just look at how pretty they are! I used them last night and I swear I have never smelled something so delicious. I have actually never used a body scrub before so I wasn’t quite sure if I was doing it right, but after massaging the vanilla-scented sugar scrub all over my legs for a few minutes, I jumped in the bath to wash it off and holy cow they were soft! Like seriously, I wish you could touch them because I could seduce a president with legs like that. I’ve been hard at work all day, so they’re back to their normal ashy state, but I will definitely be using this scrub again for the holiday.

After washing off the scrub, I of course had to drop in one of these little guys. Yellow has been my latest obsession, so I went with it. Guys, it was the coolest thing ever. This bath bombs foam instead of fizz. My bath turned into a decadent, heavenly-scented bubble bath! I did not expect that, but it was awesome. And when I thought it couldn’t get any cooler, it started to turn blue!!! I can’t wait to use the pink one!

The last gem in the box was this beaded tassel wrap necklace. I had seen a similar one on the Yellow Rose Boutique Instagram (@yellowrose_boutique) and I had to have one! Molly worked with me to choose colors and a pattern I liked and I am so happy with the result! The beads are head duty and not cheap feeling at all and it’s ideal length for wrapping in the style above. As I was shopping through Kohls yesterday, I found these yellow beaded tassel earrings that matched perfectly! However, Yellow Rose Boutique does offer earrings as well.

Overall, I am so impressed with the quality and overall experience I had with Yellow Rose Boutique. They do not yet have a pop-up location, but you can reach them at:

Yellow Rose Boutique Facebook

Yellow Rose Boutique Instagram

Hurry to her page because she is having a Facebook giveaway for the most adorable necklace set, bath bombs, and charcoal scrub! Below are some of her other pieces.

Bath Bombs: $5

Body Scrubs: $10

Necklaces: Prices Vary, most around $20



All pictures taken by Greatly Loved Photography @ GLP


4th Of July Outfits For Any Occasion

Fireworks! A legitimate reason to be out past midnight! Everyone’s favorite part of summer is finally under way! Aren’t you excited? I, for one, love love love the 4th of July. I have a lovely permanent burn mark from a firework lighting punk (the little cardboard* sticks you get to light fireworks with) on my thigh to prove it! Gotta be careful, kids.

I’ve always been so envious of the people who buy the $1,000 firework packs, but I’ve come to appreciate the little noisemakers just as much as the ones that make the loud boomI think my love for this holiday is due to the fact that my family always comes together to celebrate. We gather at my stepdad’s ex-wife’s house (more on the weird dynamic of my very blended family later) and bust out the lawn chairs and themed snacks while we wait for the sun to set. The kids pop their fireworks in the driveway while there’s still some light out, but when it’s finally dark, we bring out the artillery shells and enjoy the company of our loved ones.

My biggest struggle yearly (every day of my life actually), is deciding what to wear! You know you’re going to take a cute sparkler picture, but what outfit is worthy of an Independence Day debut? It’s so hard to choose. Especially when you factor in the many different things you could be doing! Going to a dirt road to throw smoke bombs around with your friends? What about a nice date with your boyfriend before a night on his tailgate cuddling under the gorgeous bursting stars of light? I’ve spent some time rounding up my favorite red/white/and blue outfits for you to rock on this poppin’ holiday!

Casual Denim

Despite the fact that you want to be dressed casually, it’s also July which means it’s going to be HOT! You want to be comfortable! This deep V flowy tank is perfect paired with some denim shorts and a bright red bralette! I am loving it! You can opt for some blue earrings to complete the theme, but I felt like the denim shorts were enough, so I busted out some fun jingly earrings that added another pop of red to the look.

-Get the top and bralette here! It’s not on the site yet, but if you send a screenshot to their insta, they can get it ordered for you.

-Get the earrings here!

Comfy AF

This next outfit is so comfortable you might just sleep in it and wear it July 5th, too. No lie, this is one of the softest shirts I’ve ever felt. And look at the cute lace up back! I love how the colors pair together and how wearable it is! This cute red beaded necklace finishes off the look for the 4th and brings everything together.

Get the top here!

Get the shorts by screenshotting them and sending them to here!

Get the necklace here!

Dress Up or Down – Denim

Can I wear this every day?! Cause I probably will. These are already my favorite jeans ever and they were so inexpensive. I literally wear them all the time. But with this red crop tucked in, I love them even more! You can dress these up by adding a pair of fun or neutral wedges. Dress them down by going barefoot or throwing on your tried and true favorite pair of sandals.

Get the top here!

Jeans from Forever 21

Dress Up or Down – Romper

Isn’t this just the cutest?! I love that trim detailing! The royal blue color of this romper will look good on virtually any skin type and it’s super comfy! You can dress this romper up with a cute pair of heels. I suggest some strappy ones in either nude or red depending on whether you’d like another pop of color for the holiday! Or you can wear the romper casually with some sandals, like I did!

Get the romper here!

Dress Up or Down – Dress

Look at this pretty blue!!! This one might be my favorite simply because of the color! It’s sure to look good on any skin tone with any hair color. I paired it with this cute beaded necklace to show some spirit! And do you see that little back cutout? I just love it! This would be super cute with a pair of nude or white sandals for a casual night with the fam or a pair of red heels for a night out or a fancier 4th event!

Get this blue dress here!

Fancy in White

If you suspect your boyfriend is going to propose on the fourth under the fireworks, wear this dress! It is so classy, pretty and flattering. I adore it for all occasions, but pup on some themed jewelry like the bracelets pictured above and you’re golden! To be more festive, you could add red or blue shoes as well. This dress will surely turn heads while making you look respectable as you toast our great nation’s independence.

Get this dress here!

Sexy in Red

I know I said the last dress is a showstopper, but this one is really a showstopper. The deep v calls in the more daring dressers and I suggest maybe wearing some Hollywood tape to keep the ladies from being exposed. But if you want an outfit to stun the night, let this romper do the talking while pairing it with some simple heels and minimal jewelry. If the cleavage is too much for you, you can always safety pin it together at breast level (I’ve done it and it worked great! You couldn’t even tell!) or wear a bralette.

Get this romper here!


Enjoy your holiday! This is such a fun one meant to be spent under the night sky with friends and family. I hope this helps you get some ideas of what to wear regardless of the events you plan to attend. If you do wear one of the above outfits, or something inspired by them, I’d love to see! Tag me @noelledenae on instagram or dm it to me! Good luck ladies and beware of firework punks. They do leave scars.

What To Wear: Summer Wedding

It’s summer time and wedding bells are in the air! Don’t you love it? I sure do! Weddings get me all sorts of giddy inside. The florals, the white dress, the champagne! I love having a reason to dress up and watch one of the happiest days of someone’s life unfold. One day, I’ll be there and I can assure you many posts will be done when that time comes.

However, my bells aren’t ringing yet, but plenty of other’s are! As some of you know, I work at a boutique and one of the most common things I see people in for is the perfect dress to wear to a wedding! It may not be your special day, but it is still a special day nonetheless and you want to look your best for it! You know there will be a photo booth and you’ll have the perfect venue to snatch an adorable Instagram photo at! But what to wear???

That’s why I’m here today! I’ve put together a collection of some perfect summer wedding outfits no matter the venue!

Short & Flowy


This first dress is quickly becoming one of my summer faves! The movement and color makes it perfect for hot summer days. I wore this dress for the couples pictures Eric and I took, which you can read about here: Taking Couples Photos – Professionally. It’s just so breathable and adds the most amazing pop of color! Pairing this pretty eggshell blue dress with neutral shoes and your jewelry of choice will have you feeling all kinds of cute as a summer wedding guest. You can buy this dress here – and it’s on sale so hurry!!!

I paired it with these super cute cutout booties (below) that are very Free People-esque, but guess how much I paid for them?! $38. Yep, that’s it. I’ve already worn the crap put of them because how could you not? You can get them here! Do it. You need to.


Floral & Feminine

This next dress is another more casual option that allows comfort, breathability but still so much cuteness! I love love love it and it pairs perfectly with a pair of blue earrings that complements the pattern. Because I’m me and do everything last minute, I forgot to take any jewelry for the photos, but you can find the earrings I typically wear with this dress here!

Here is a close-up of the accessories and print of the dress.

Bright & Tight

The last short dress is a dress that has been sitting in my closet for over a year just begging me to come out! Finally, I found a purpose for it. This dress is a showstopper and will be sure to snag you a summer fling from that summer wedding (if that’s your goal). If not, you’re still sure to steal the show in this fluorescent yellow asymmetrical hemmed Bebe dress!


This dress would pair perfectly with a hot pink lip or a pair of pink earrings! Play with your colors, girly, summer is the best time for it!

Cute Lil’ Romper

Those who know me personally know that I pathetically lack any rhythm whatsoever and look like an awkward handicapped spider when I dance. However, if you are not so unfortunate, a romper might be your best bet for a wedding! Especially if there is a bar at said wedding. Rompers provide the adorability of dresses with the safety of shorts! No peekage here, ladies! Get low with the bride and have no fear in this sweet pink romper that you can purchase here!


Long & Backless

If you’re a lover of backless dresses like I am, the next dress will undoubtedly give you your fix. I love this dress because I don’t have to wear a bra with it. I’m part of the nonexistent-titty-committee so technically I don’t really need to wear a bra with anything, but even girls with a solid C-cup could probably get away with no bra in this dress- just avoid doing any excessive jumping while in public. This dress is super comfy and classy while making you feel a little bit sexy, too. I suggest wearing a pair of open toe heals since the maxi aspect covers so much already! I bought the dress from TC Elli’s, a local boutique, but it is no longer available. So you can find a similar-ish one here!

Lacy and Trendy

If you haven’t seen this dress yet, girl how??? I completely understand retailers’ obsessions because it’s gorgeous. You can find it in practically any color from anywhere, but the one I own happens to be yellow (my favorite color at the moment). I particularly like the yellow dress because it looks stunning with a bold red lip, which I love. If you don’t have your hands on one of these dresses yet, go get one!


All of these dresses will ensure you don’t overheat but you do look over-adorable at this summer’s weddings! Give the bride and groom my best and enjoy the free food all whilst knowing you’re dressed to the nines on this sweet summer night.

All photos taken by Greatly Loved Photography. Greatly Loved Photography

How to Never Pay Full Price for ANYTHING

If you didn’t know, we live in the age of discount shopping. Department stores, such as Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom aren’t doing too hot as of late. During the early 2000’s, when many of us were just youngsters, our parents would cart us along with them to Sears to purchase school clothes, home goods, appliances and even new sheets. It was one-stop shopping at its finest.

In the last 5-10 years or so, people have stopped visiting those places due to the new and better options that the internet has brought us, explicitly I’m referencing Amazon. Although Amazon has some incredible deals, don’t be fooled. There has been more than one occasion that I’ve gone to purchase something from Amazon but discovered it cheaper elsewhere.

That’s why I’m here today. I want the best deals on everything I purchase and I’m going to share some of my tricks and tips on how I achieve the ultimate bargains in a world of discounts.

Name-Brand Items

Quantity does not have to forgo quality. If you want a pair of brand new Louboutins but don’t have a grand to drop on them, I’m going to share a few ways with you to save save save. Growing up, I was not afforded the luxury of owning name brand items because my mother didn’t believe in paying double the price for a logo. I adopted her mindset and still buy the majority of things on clearance. However, Louis Vuitton and Chanel do not have clearance sections in stores or online, but luckily, I discovered these two apps that allow me to find new luxury items at a fraction of the cost.

The first app I’m going to introduce is Poshmark. Poshmark is an app that people buy and sell to other people. Although you can find plenty of other items on this app, I use it mostly for name-brand items that I don’t want to drop my hard-earned money on. I am a college student after all. On this app, you can find Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Michael Kohrs, Tory Burch, Louboutin, Steve Madden and many more well known brands that feature a hefty price tag. On Poshmark, these items are discounted an insane amount though. I bought a full size authentic Louis Vuitton that was originally $1,2oo for $300 for my mom’s birthday a couple years back. This purse was in excellent condition and passed all authenticity tests. Aside from buying things at great prices on Poshmark, you can also sell your stuff! More on that another time though. You can visit Poshmark here!

The second app is called Mercari. Mercari is almost identical to Poshmark, however shipping is more flexible due to their partnerships with many different shipping companies. With this, though, is the fact that Mercari tends to be slightly more sketchy. I typically do not purchase items that are easily replicated off Mercari because people tend to be less honest and Mercari is less strict on their non-authentic policies. You can visit Marcari here!

Photos, Prints, and Other Personalized Goods

Anyone who has ever ordered photo prints before knows it can get expensive quick. When I finally decided to be a real adult and put pictures around my house, I was stunned by how pricy printing photos could be! It’s just a laminated piece of paper, right? (Lol probably so wrong).

But me being a college student with bills means I can’t justify dropping a lot on some 5×7 pictures to hang in my bedroom. Luckily, I discovered the wonder that is the Walgreens App. Through the Walgreens app, you can order prints, calendars, personalized office materials, blown up posters of your favorite memories and much more all fro your phone! Those pictures Eric and I took? I ordered a 20×30 inch poster of one of them immediately. And guess how much I paid for it? $13. It was originally almost double that.

The key to saving money is not having the app, it is simply Googling “Walgreens Photo Coupons” and using whatever discount code they have at the time. I’ve been doing this for almost a year now and have never been unable to find a discount code and it is almost always 40%-50% off. You simply enter it at the checkout and voila! You have now saved yourself lots of money on what could’ve been a not-so-pretty price.

Literally Everything Else

Have you ever shopped online? Because if so, you should take 30 seconds to install Honey. Honey is a web application the alerts you when discounts are available, finds you the best one and then applies it to your cart for you! Like, what?!? If you don’t have it, you should! Example: you’re on Forever 21 looking at cute stuff and you’re ready to checkout. But oh no, the cart total is a lot more than you were expecting! But you see a cute little cursive “h” at the top of your screen with some little bubbled number icon and you click on it! A little pop appears and starts checking deals for you then applies the best one. You have now saved 30% with one click. Seriously, I will say no more, just download it here!

For the Avid Crafter

I’ll make this one short because it’s pretty well known and simple. If you are ever in need of home decor, art supplies or even a planner, hit Hobby Lobby or Michaels. They always have at least a 40% off coupon and it is a lifesaver! The code can be used online or in stores. Codes for Hobby Lobby can be found by googling “Hobby Lobby Coupon” and codes for Michaels can be found by googling “Michaels” coupon. The end.

For the Student

College is hard guys, and that’s the case before we even start talking about the monetary aspect of it all. Unidays is the student discount system most colleges affiliate with and it is how I save even more money one literally anything! Unidays partners with thousands of companies to offer students discounts. All you have to do is verify your educational status with your school email that ends with “.edu” and you instantly have access to tons of coupons and discount codes. This has saved my life as a broke ass shopaholic.


And that is how I save so much freaking money on just about everything I buy. If you plan to use any of these tricks or tips please do me a favor and follow my blog! I promise to upload lifesaving material as often as I can. You will only be emailed when I post, so I promise not to spam you. Thanks for the read and happy budgeting (:

Taking Couples Photos – Professionally

Hello all,

This past Sunday, my sweet Eric and I had some pictures taken by a wonderful photographer named Shelby. I’ve had my fair share of professional pictures taken, but this has been my favorite experience yet. Shelby as a photographer was so kind and open to my ideas (even the terrible ones lol). She was so sweet and allowed Eric and I to be our goofy, bratty selves to provide the most honest photos. I was referred to her by a friend who’s couples pictures were even cuter than ours! You can check Shelby and her wonderful creations out here!

I know I love my sweet honey, but this shoot just did something for us. We had all of the pictures back that night, but Eric was already fast asleep. So I gawked at them by my lonesome while oohing and ahhing loudly in hopes that I’d wake him. I didn’t (he’d sleep through WW3). The next day, after resending them 15 times because iPhone and Verizon were trying to limit my love and excitement, I finally got all 39 pictures to him! When he got home from his 12 hour workday, there was some sort of fire-y passion in his eyes and I knew that the pictures had made him feel the same way. Sometimes, as time passes on and you grow used to each other (especially since we haven’t left one another’s side since the literal day we met), you can kind of lose touch with the burning adoration that keeps you up until 4 in the morning memorizing the placement of his freckles. Seeing our happiness and, as I put it in my doting FB post, “a tender love that is so evident and tangible I swear you could hold it in your bare hands”, ignited that fire on a mundane Monday evening.

So, moving on from me being all mushy and in love, let’s talk about the actual photography. We went to a beautiful location on Texas Tech campus. Thanks to the time of year and the light rain we had experienced that day, the flowers were perky and a-bloom. The weather was impeccable, aiding our photographer with good lighting regardless of where we stood. The only downfall was that there were muddy patches we had to avoid and the mosquitos were killing me! Luckily, Shelby was hot-n-ready with some bug spray! Talk about preparation! (Reason #1039 why I couldn’t be a professional anything: I’m never prepared).

IMPORTANT: Please, do yourself a favor and create a Pinterest board with 30+ inspirational photos before the shoot. I didn’t do this and it meant I wasted about 10-15 minutes of precious time during the shoot scrolling through Pinterest looking up more ideas. It is not your photographers job to direct you. A good photographer will help, like ours did. But you cannot expect them to have memorized 4,000 positions unique to you and your loved one. Hire a director if you need that.

Okay, so you know when you buy a picture frame and it has a stock photo of a brunette hunky dad and a beautiful blonde mom holding their perfect bubbly baby? Here’s how to achieve that quality with a personal feel. 1. Be natural! I can’t count how many times I sloshed the words “I love you,” out of my mouth while trying to remain smiling. Don’t be afraid to lose the smile. The looks of complete and utter adoration create some of the best pictures. 2. Embrace the awkward. Eric and I are super awkward. So putting us in front of a camera makes us extra super awkwardBut that was okay because it made us laugh so much that we got some of our favorite pictures out of it! Like the one below.

Lastly, 3. request a few unique photos that truly capture the essence of your relationship. If you like a picture on Pinterest, recreate it but make it comfortable and make it your own. My absolute favorite picture from the shoot (below) is one that we saw on Pinterest and took inspiration from, but did what was comfortable for us to capture it. Take some action photos! Kiss him lots and lots. If ya’ll are obsessed with baseball, write something cute on a bat. If ya’ll love cooking, take a picture with cute matching aprons on. Eric and I were both obsessed with the shoes we had on that day, so we had to get this picture!

All in all, enjoy your time with your S/O. Just love on him and project your happiness and your photos will turn out all the more beautiful. Then post them on all of your social medias with a cliché caption for the world to enjoy. That’s what I did. 😉



A Message To My Future Little

Hey Little,

I hope one day you read this and love me as much as I love you. I haven’t yet met you, but I’m counting down the days as this long summer tiptoes by until I proclaim you as a lifelong friend. You’re what I have looked forward to most throughout this whole ‘sorority’ thing and I pray on the daily that we become the two (cutest) peas in a pod I hope to be.

I know college is scary and being away from your family is hard, but that’s part of why I’m here. To be a never-failing friend, a mentor and someone you can rely on among this large crowd of strangers. I’ll let you borrow my dresses for formal when you’re too broke to go out and get your own. I’ll have a home cooked meal on the stove as soon as you say you miss home.

You can’t fathom my anticipation. The excitement I hold for our late night talks over cookies and wine, our undoubtedly coordinated halloween costumes, and the best ever personalized Christmas gifts I already have picked out is killing me. I have a Pinterest board and Etsy shopping list dedicated to you. There are still a few months left until I know who you are, but I’ve already filled a giant cardboard box full of t-shirts, knick-knacks and hand-painted canvases rocking our letters so you can be fully decked in our gear.

I might sound like the crazy little lady (CLL for short) but I don’t mind because I want you to feel loved. I want you to feel accepted among this group of hundreds of beautiful women all making their pathways through life. I want to help you as best as I can through your pathway of life. And I know you’ll help me grow along mine.

You’ve given me a creative outlet, Little. You’ve given me something to cherish and look forward to in these slow-passing months. I can’t wait to meet you. But more than anything, I can’t wait to be your big.


Your Big

The Art Of Getting What You Want

Let’s be honest, you saw the title and thought “well, that’s a little pretentious…” before you clicked. However, this is not about the spoiled-get-everything-in-life-handed-to-you getting what you want. This is for the people who work so hard for things yet they never turn out your way. Here are a few tips and tricks on the art of  Continue reading “The Art Of Getting What You Want”